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Family first. Food is everything else.

To us, the act of gathering around a table for long Sunday dinners with stories, laughter and love go hand in hand. Caffetteria is all about continuing this tradition and not only sharing real food, but also real moments with our family, friends and community.

Comfort food made mindfully

Some may call us nostalgic… But, what we long for is a time when food was real and recipes were made by hand. When people ate slowly and savored conversations as much as they did the food in front of them. We believe in eating mindfully and knowing where our food came from — preferably made with love straight from our kitchen.

Curated with a conscious

Our ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced to create wholesome meals for our guests and bring through the real, natural flavors of our dishes. We partner with local farmers and businesses whenever possible to support our community and provide the freshest ingredients in our recipes.

Jo Marie Scaglia

The ingredients were all there

Jo Marie Scaglia believes real food should be made from scratch just like her family used to make. Her story begins there…


Born into three generations of restaurateurs, Jo Marie comes by her love of food, cooking and creating authentic recipes honestly. She was raised in a large, Italian family who savored long meals gathered around the dinner table. Jo Marie’s parents are the owners of Mario’s restaurant which operated from 1969 into the 90s. Jo Marie spent her childhood working alongside her father, perfecting the art of the meatball grinder and learning to create inventive dishes of her own.


A move to San Francisco as a young adult brought inspiration for her first restaurant venture, The Mixx, Kansas City’s first healthy fast casual restaurant. Starting strong in 2005, The Mixx found a loyal following and soon blossomed to three locations from its original spot on the Plaza.


In 2016, Jo Marie started to feel that entrepreneurial itch again — this time leading her to Caffetteria. In her new concept, Jo Marie brought together her love of Italian tradition, European cafes and a passion for serving real ingredients in thoughtful and inventive dishes. With Caffetteria, she aimed to create a space around the spirit of hospitality she learned as a child and crafting homemade meals made with love.

Made with love & ready to go

Explore grab-and-go meals and foods conveniently packaged to take home or give as a hostess gift.

Goodness to go

On the run? Skip the line and pick up your meal at our restaurant, or place an order for delivery and have Caffetteria come to you.

Let’s hear it for real food

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